Acne is one of the common problems of many teenagers which are easily resolved through the help of a dermatologist. However, the medication provided by dermatologists is costly although it is proven effective. In case that the expenses for the treatment exceed the budget, one of the alternative solutions is to use DIY facial masks. The suggestions below are proven effective and it is cheap. Click here to learn more about acne treatment.

Egg yolk mask

It is the cheapest among alternative as you only need one beaten egg. You can add vitamin E oil if you want. The egg yolk contains fatty acids, protein and vitamin A which help in hydrating the skin. To apply, use a cotton ball and let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse. Use cool water in rinsing.

Honey and oatmeal mask

The combination of honey and oatmeal is one of the eldest masks used by women. The oatmeal has the ability to absorb the excess oils and dirt in the skin. On the other hand, the honey moisturizes and conditions the skin. The mask can be used as a scrub just by rubbing it in the skin. The extra softness of the skin can be credited to the exfoliating scrub.

Yogurt and honey mask

Yogurt and honey is one of the most popular combinations for the mask. It is very effective and it is easy to make. Use a natural yogurt at room temperature and combine it with honey which is a bit warm with a runny consistency.

Oily skin mask

The oily skin mask is one of the effective masks that has many ingredients, although it is easy to make. The ingredients include the mixure of quarter tomato, without skin and seeds, plain yogurt, mashed cucumber, crushed mint lead, oatmeal and vitamin E oil.